Musical NightLight



A truly unique app designed for sleep time . Help your child relax and fall asleep with the help of soothing music and relaxing animations.

Special Features-

* TIMER - Set the amount of time you want music to play.
* SOUND DETECTION - If your child hasn’t fallen asleep or wakes up when the music ends, this app will detect his or her sounds and REACTIVATE THE MUSIC!
* NIGHT LIGHT - A fun night light with soothing video and images featuring the loveable characters from BabyTV.
* MUSIC - Over 150 minutes and 50 music tracks.
BabyTV’s ‘Musical Nightlight’ app features soothing music and animated visuals that your child will love.

We’ve created four types of relaxing playlists:
Classical: Expose your child to Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Debussy and a host of other classical composers.
Relaxing: Slow and calming music to help your child fall asleep after a day of fun and excitement.
Spiritual: Inspirational and quiet melodies to help your child relax and unwind.
Mixed: A mixture of classical, spiritual and relaxing music so your child can enjoy all three!

This app includes:
* 3 different playlists: Classical, Spiritual and Relaxing.
* Sound Detection – Reactivates the music if your child wakes up or hasn’t fallen asleep!
* Nightlight – A night light featuring your child’s favorite BabyTV characters.
* Timer – Music w ill automatically turn off after a set time.
* Classical music by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and more.
* Music specifically chosen by experts to sooth and calm.

Music arranged and produced by BabyTV 's music experts.

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