My Baby Concert

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    My baby Concert !!
    This is a basic 8-note xylophone.
    But Simply the best sound and children for kids
    My baby concert is original xylophone made for parents and kids.
    A fun musical toy for kids, or use it as an educational tool to learn.
    Spark your child's creativity by exposing them to music as they grow.
    You can see cute animals.
    ( Cow, Sheep, Pig, Puppy, Duck )
    You can hear instruments sounds.
    ( Violin, Horn, Harp, Piano, Guitar)
    Finally You can hear also variety sounds.
    ( Kiss, Machine, Water, Fart, Whistle )

    * Animals sounds
    * Moving Animals
    * Composition
    * Background Music
    * 5 Animals sound
    * 5 Instruments sound
    * 5 Effect sound

    Do you want more application??
    This is the another application of APPOND :
    - My Baby Concert
    - Talking POPO
    - Talking PEPER
    - Mini-LED3

    Thanks for playing and enjoy!