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My Class Assistant is a comprehensive school/college management tool

  • Helpful
  • Grades calculator
  • Reminders
  • Silence your phone automatically at class time
  • Design
  • No tutorial

"Well-organized students do better"

Fail or succeed mostly depends on how well we are organized to carry out duties. My Class Assistant is an app that want you to focus on studying and getting high grades by making easier managing organization stuff that otherwise will take lot of valuable time.

My Class Assistant allows users to create subjects and add relevant class info like teacher's name and contact info, lectures days and time and class location. What's more, any assignment/homework can also be added to the app and keep track of them, schedule deadline, set reminders and add grades. Actually, it comes with a built-in grades calculator: just add grades for each test, assignment or paper and let the app calculate automatically the final grade.

There's a really helpful feature this app comes with: if you enter your class times and days, it can automatically silence your phone during those classes. No more phone disturbances in class.

As you can see, everything is tied up to make you a better student: keep track of any pending issues, reminders to never miss a class or assignment, keep your phone in silence when it should and follow-up progress.

The app is really easy to use (just remember that some actions require long-press) but, it would be more attractive for students if it were less bland (black background, classic buttons). No complaints on the performance and features side. However, it needs a full redesign.

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Aug 06, 2013

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