My First Words: Education




    This is an educational and entertaining game for your kids (even for adults) to learn English words.

    How to play: Drag and drop to arrange the letters in the correct order to make up a word.

    The game has 3 difficult levels:
    - The first one: Hint: the right order is in gray. You just drag and drop the right letters here.
    - The second one: Hint: There is no gray letters in right order, but when you drop a letter in the right place, it will be stick here otherwise it will not.
    - The third one: There is no hint at all: no gray letters, no stick effect. You have to find right order yourself.

    - Funny way to learn English words
    - Letters are pronounced when touched.
    - When word is completed, it's pronounced (you have to have TTS – text to speech - installed on your phone/table)

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