My Friendly Planets



***Travel through the Solar System with PlayTales!***

Wouldn’t you like to travel to space? Can you imagine life as an astronaut? My Friendly Planets is a story about the solar System, where you get to know each of the 8 planets in our system.
You’ll get to know the whole space family, starting with Mercury, the fastest planet, until you get to Neptune, the coldest of the siblings.

In addition, there will be mini-games and activities in this tale that will help you learn the names, shapes, and personalities of each planet…. You will become an expert astronomer!

You´re going to love it!

• Interactive fun
•Full-color illustrations
• Voice-narrated text
♫ Music and original sound effects
• “Read it to me”, “Read me” and “Autoplay” Options
• Suitable for children 3 and older