My Life as a Refugee


My Life as a Refugee's review

by Peter Warrior

UN refugee agency game

  • UNHCR official
  • Free, no ads
  • Narrative can be deeply improved

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"Raise awareness"

My a text based game in which you have to make choices, some timed, between the different options (when any) left to you. It's like a "choose your own adventure" but instead of saving princesses and fighting dragons you have to face the horror of a civil war and make adequate choices in order to survive. Firstly, you must choose among three heart.tearing characters and follow the instructions therein.

Every scene is accompanied by great artwork. It must be highlighted that texts are extremely brief, which is good because it doesn't become engrossed by unnecessary explicit and gruesome information, but it can be too straightforward and lacking of narrative and literary style. There's a macabre random element in every choice, so if you take the same path with the same character twice it's likely you reach a different end, usually worse.

Often, you'll receive real trivia about refugees at the bottom of the screen, where you are used to read ads. Stories aren't placed in any certain place, but it's easy to imagine somewhere in Africa, just for a change.

No matter how you look at it, it's a compulsory download for anyone, anywhere, even recommended for teenagers.

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by Peter , Appszoom

May 02, 2013

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