MySQLGuru is an app that aims to teach database fundamentals and basic queries needed to work around with the database as a quick sql reference.

The content of the sql tutorial provided has been formulated in such a way that a person can even start from the scratch and become a pro. The most intuitive, useful and simple to use sql tutorial on the Android Play Store. So be relaxed as we are here by your side to give you a quick sql reference.

MySQLGuru (sql reference) app is aimed for every audience irrespective of the purpose as it covers basic sql and advanced sql as well. It can be used by students for inheriting sql basics as well as for working professionals to have a handy or quick sql reference just in case of doubts.

After going through the sql tutorial rest be assured that you will be knowing basic as well as advanced functionality of the database or sql.

So be tuned for further updates as we are going to go deeper in the sql groove to make you a smarter one!!!

Here we have differentiated sql tutorial in two ways so as to make an sql quick reference:
-- Basic SQL
-- Advanced SQL
-- Performance Tuning (Needs active data connection)
-- And more

Please give us feedback and comments so we can improve the App!
For bugs fix and suggestions, please send an email instead of leaving a bad comment. This would help us to fix the bug sooner.

Note: We are currently working on a paid app which will be ad-free and also will have lot more content. Stay tuned for it.

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