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"The virtual recreation of Notre Dame is incredible" -

Mysteries of Notre Dame de Paris is an innovative casual game at a junction of many kinds. It's the perfect mix of exploration and educational in a game : You are collecting historical informations about Paris, the Ile de la Cité, Notre Dame de Paris, Saints and biblical figures, the French Jewish history, Pagan religions and hidden secrets of Alchemy. You can tap on the statues, the portals or any architectural pieces that might interest you and get informations about it.

You will be amazed by such a realistic reconstruction with its gorgeous graphics using the max of the iOS hardware. You will play at a first person view. Simply use your fingers to move, watch at 360 and get informations, no more need of virtual sticks, even a young child can use it. One of the main feature is the dynamics lightnings with 3D close-up : All the reliefs have been modeled in 3D. You can highlight the statues and reliefs, enhance them with dynamic lightnings, rotate, pinch and zoom on details, learn about them, all these very easily with your fingertips!

The visit is progressive : to unlock new ways you'll have to answer correctly to quizzes. This makes our game more captivating, and it's a way to be sure that informations have been acquired.
You can use Mysteries of Notre Dame de Paris, to prepare a trip, or just to increase your knowledge, or perhaps after a real visit of Notre Dame de Paris happily in your hotel room. Just relax by listening the wonderful out of time music written by Pierre ESTEVE, great French game and documentary music composer. Our application is a new way of communication and getting informations by playing games.

Children from 7, their parents, their grandparents, people that loves travelling, culture, history, professors, guides and students might be interested by Mysteries of Notre Dame de Paris. Our game will make you want to visit Paris, its cathedral and monuments.

"This is thrilling! I am in love with this app and what it gives to the evolution of apps and virtual touism/education!" - Lucy

"I wish I had taken a guided tour as good as this when I visited this wonderful cathedral years ago." - NL



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