Nasa Talk



Love Space & Nasa ?? Then this is just the app for you...

Keep your self updated with everything related to NASA ..

- The official NASA Announcements
- The official NASA Missions Updates ( Earth-Science, Planetary & AstroPhysics)
- Stay updated with what the Astronauts are upto..
- The voice of you .. the fan .. The NASA-HOLIC !!!

A minute by minute update of all the latest NASA events ...

Now experience all the space missions .. solar & lunar eclipses ... comets & asteroids ... galaxies .. stars .. and much much more ...

Simply put, NASA Talk is :
- Best way to stay in touch with NASA
- Check out the great pics from outer space that are included the in the tweets
- Be upto date with all the celestial events ( eclipse / comets etc )
- A single place to keep track of all the missions & Astronauts ..

Note : Currently the ability to reply/retweet/send direct message is not provided in the application, we plan to add it in a future version.