Nico & Christmas



Nico and Christmas is the first great adventure of our hero. He's a kind and brave kid with an unlimited imagination. When he falls asleep, in his dreams, he's able to solve any kind of mystery! In his journey through the snow and the desert, he will meet a lot of funny characters.

He will be surprised many times and will have to solve lots of mysteries and games. Will you help him? This isn't a classic Christmas tale, it's an original story with a touch of humor that will bring lots of fun to you and your children, reading and playing. At some points, you will have to choose what path you want to follow! Enjoy this awesome Christmas adventure!

FEATURES: -"Read it to me" and "Read by myself" options. - Narrated text. - Full coloured illustrations for kids. - Amazing sound effects - Hundreds of interactive elements to play with. - Amusement guaranteed! - Easy and simple graphic interface for kids. - Bring characters to life through touch interaction.