NIE mGeo



NIE mGeo allows you to save your geographical location information, data and photos onto a map and share them with others.

How to use this app:

- Tap on the Points of Interest to find out more details.
- Add new pins based on your current location by tapping on the "+" button.
- To upload pins to the server, visit the Listing section. This restriction ensures that your data will not be lost during the uploading process.
- Delete the unwanted pins at the Listing section or on the pin's details section.
- Private pins are highlighted in green while public ones are highlighted in blue.
- To edit pins that have already been uploaded onto the server, you need to edit your original pin which is stored in your phone first before uploading again.
- To log out, tap on your device's Back button.
- If you delete this application, all locally stored pins will be removed.

**Known bug**
This app may restart on its own occasionally if you are using a phone. While we are trying our best to rectify this problem, it is recommended to use a tablet instead.

Note for users of the Guest account:

Please contact if you wish to make full use of this app which contains the following features:

- Ability to create your own maps
- Ability to create groups with different colour-coded pins
- Ability to pre-define keywords for data input
- Ability to administer/view the data collected from the mobile device on a desktop computer
- Ability to export data to Google Earth
- Ability to export data to Excel

Should you have any feedback or suggestions on this app, please email

This application was created by the following members from the Centre for e-Learning, a sub-unit of the Office of Teacher Education:
- Programmer - Eveleen Er
- Graphic Designer - Cao Youfang

Together with Dr. K. Chatterjea from the Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Singapore.

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