Nourania Arabic Language



Nourania is an application that aims to learn the Arabic language reading respecting characteristics of the letters
Nourania helps you to master the reading of the Holy Quran as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

This version includes 17 lessons:

lesson 1: The Indvidual letters of the alphabet
lesson 2: The Compound letters
lesson 3: The Disjionted Letters
lesson 4: The simple vowels
lesson 5: The nunated Letters
lesson 6: Exercices on the simple vowels and the nunation
lesson 7: The small alif, the small waw and the small ya
lesson 8: The Long vowels
lesson 9: Exercices on lesson 7 and 8
lesson 10: The consonants
lesson 11: Exercices on the consonants
lesson 12: The double vowels (CHADDA)
lesson 13: Exercices on the double vowels
lesson 14: Exercices on the double vowels followed by a consonant
lesson 15: Exercices on the double vowels followed by a double vowels
lesson 16: Exercices on the double vowels with consonant
lesson 17: Exercices

This application is based on the method Nourania created by Sheikh Mohamed Nour Hakkani and has helped many Arab and Ajam.

We need translators to translate the application into other languages. Please contact us. (

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