Nutrition in Humans (School)



*** This app is for school use and requires an educational subscription for access to the content. ***

★★★★★An engaging exploration of nutrition and the human digestive system. It includes how enzymes work and a detailed study of nutrients and how and where they are digested. A perfect app for a life science or biology class that is designed to address the needs of all students. It includes ClassWerkz, a learning management tool for teachers.

★★★★★ Covers the subtopics of:
★ Why do we eat?
★ Nutrition and Nutrition Labels
★ Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats
★ Vitamins, Minerals, Water, and Dietary Fibers
★ Nutrient Absorption
★ Parts of the Human Digestive System
★ What are Enzymes?
★ How and Where Does Digestion Take Place?
★ Peristalsis
★ How does flatulence occur?
★ Nutrition and Weight Loss Myth Busting

★★★★★ Includes Explorations:
★ Several drag and drop food nutrition labels
★ Home experiment with rice

★★★★★ Other Key Features:
★ Self-assessment check points
★ Over a dozen videos (several with narration)
★ Science extras for more in depth information
★ Main Points summary
★ Concept Map
★ Test Yourself (summary questions)

★This is one of many award winning ScienceWerkz apps - try them all!

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