If you want to have a meeting with friends or co-workers in real time, the answer is Omni Board!
Omni Board is a presentation App which organizes PC, Smart phone and Tablet in a network.
You can share a document on a PC with several connected(to the PC) smart device without downloading it.
Once the PC screen appears on your device, you can see it in more detail. And anyone can get the authority to give a speech.
Moreover, every smart device holder can do their own handwring works each.
Pens and highlight pens are provided to help you give a presentation.

You can control off-App softwares on the PC with mouse control mode when you need to open a document or play a video.

Do not let yourself behind the class!(or meeting!)
With Omni Board, The Presentation Magician, you can be a leader of where you are in by watching it on your smart device!

- Sharing documents between the main PC and smartphones that you can write on
- Sharing handwritten works between smartphones
- Ability to manipulate PC mouse to control off-App programs
- 4 modes are available; Master mode, Individual mode, Discussion mode and Presentation mode.
- Colorful pens and highlight pens, also eraser are provided.
- Add and remove pages
- Save as P D F and preview function

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