Organic Chemistry Nomenclature



Organic Chemistry Nomenclature is the ultimate way for Chemistry students to study and memorize the names and structures of all the important chemical functional groups. Quiz yourself, and do it in a way that's fun and logically organized.
Don't waste time with other apps that provide a clutter of unnecessary information you don't need to know. Organic Chemistry Nomenclature let's you choose the quizzes important to your class and focus your efforts to quickly and efficiently study.

Quizzes are divided into the following categories
- Hydrocarbon
- Halogen
- Oxygen
- Nitrogen
- Sulfur
- Phosphorus / Boron
- Heterocycles

You can choose to be quizzed on any combination of these categories at once.

*** Smart Quiz System ensures you will never be asked the same question twice in a row and questions you answer correctly will be asked less often. Truly the best way to learn important chemical nomenclature.***

Created By:
Alex Martinko (Design)
Sean Luther (Programming)

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