OSCAR: Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio.

Some satellites carry radio repeaters that can be used by amateur radio from the ground.

This application helps the amateur to know the real time position of these satellites.
It shows on the map the position of the satellite, semi circle representing the approximate coverage as well as the user's position.

You can switch from the menu the selected satellite.

From the menu visible passes shown a window with two buttons on the top.

Pressing the right (circular arrow) visible passes are calculated for the selected satellite within 24 hours.

Pressing the left (arrow circular dot in the center) visible passes are calculated for all satellites for the next 3 hours.

Clicking on one of the visible passes entered the 3D locator.

3D Locator.

The locator uses accelerometer, the compass of the device and the calculated data to show the position of the satellite on sky from observer's position.

That is, when we moves the device to the sky shows a red triangle in the position of the satellite and a dotted line showing the pass.

The app calculates the orbits from the current time of the device and TLE data that www.celestrak.com obtained.

The internet is used to get the maps and update TLE data.

If you like the app you can make a donation to the developer from the menu extensions.


Option to manually include the TLE data in a file on the SDCard with satellites that the user wants is added.


For each satellite include 3 lines like these.
1 24792U 97020A 13350.44946552 .00000550 00000-0 18933-3 0 6234
2 24792 86.3985 133.2143 0002 005 108.3180 251.8234 14.34218916869917

From the preferences menu of the main screen mark the check
"TLE data from file in SD"

For now, this option is only available to donors users.


Fixed bug.
The first time you do not get frequency data automatically.


Frequency data from the window "visible passes"

In each satellite pass, if a letter F appears in blue,
When pressed frequency data for this satellite are deployed.

Data is obtained automatically the first time from:

If you want to update later will be done by checking
"Last updated Frequency data" in the preferences window.

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