Pair Up: Brain Trainer

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    Pair-Up is an engaging educational game that will keep your child engaged while developing their cognitive skills, including language, quantitative and reasoning skills development.


    With over 300 unique questions, and high definition gorgeous graphics your child can enjoy hours of gameplay. In addition a lot of the questions are randomly generated so each time the game is played the question will be a bit different and challenging even if it was already solved before.

    The game includes 3 main categories, "Visual Perception", "Quantitative Reasoning" and "Associative Thinking" and in each category we've included a basic and advanced set of questions.

    Your child will be presented with a single image and four possible answers of which only one is correct. Drag the right answer to the empty frame to advance to the next question in the set. Complete the whole set of questions and you'll be awarded with up to 3 stars depending on your performance.

    For the young audience that is not capable of reading yet we've included a narrator that introduces each set, this helps explaining what needs to be done. In addition there is also a hint page which will explain in more details the logic behind each set and how to solve it (Press the '?' button in the game )

    Pair Up was designed to fit children ages 4 and up, though some sets within the game will be more advanced. this is on purpose and will help the child develop further.

    Keywords: kids, education, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, language, development, quantitative, reasoning

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