Panasportgame FULL-EN



PANASPORTGAME Full Edition is a game with educational purposes and of sensitization to ethics and values of Sport.

This version is dedicated for operators, parents and teachers. With PANASPORTGAME Full Edition you can explore all contents of the game to use in the educational contest.

The aim of this game is to succeed in carrying out a series of agonistic seasons with a Sport Society. It will be necessary to take important decisions in its conduction and it will be necessary to know a bit of sport history. The cloths of the President and sometimes those of the Trainer will have to be dressed.

Through the volunteer work of many people, PANASPORTGAME was created as a tool for young people and professionals to use in school, sports or family.

PANASPORTGAME is a free software given to disposition by Panathlon International according to the spirit and principles of the association.

PANASPORTGAME Full Edition has no commercial purposes and is severely forbidden its use in this sense.