Parent Timetable Helper +



Simple to use, multi timetable browser for parents.

Features in PRO version:
* no ads,
* new daily timetable widget,
* local & global search implemented.

Other features:
* classes/activities categories
* widget to monitor all family timetables at once /the school/work date ranges, important events with category in one place on phone home screen/
* alarms integrated with Google calendar,
* widgets with previous, current & next activity controlling phone silence or vibrate mode during classes,
* free online archive account at (with internet access mode to archived timetables)
* integrated with Google speach recognition engine,
* subjects, lessons etc. dictionaries.
* integrated with mobile applications: Teacher Timetable Helper & Student Timetable Helper
* easy switching between school & private modes
* receiving notification about teachers substitutions, school announcements
* access online to teachers substitutions, school announcements, student homeworks at
* transparent widgets with progress bar

Tags: for school helper for parents , how to implement time table for students class in lications , parent helper