Parts of the Body



For Ages 2-7

Here’s a fun way to learn the different parts of the body!

Do you want to help your kids learn more about the different parts of the body?

Parts of the Body app will help them recognize and be familiar with the different parts of the body.

In this application, your child will learn the core principle: to recognize the parts of the body and associate these with pictures and audio that they can follow.

As your child taps on graphic, he or she can read along or just click and listen to the audio.

Parts of the Body is designed and reviewed by educators to teach children about the parts of their body. Kids will have fun playing with the app without even realizing they’re learning from the app.

This app is primarily aimed at preschool kids between the ages of 2 and 5.

Parts of the Body app is vital in helping children develop expressive and receptive language skills, master new vocabulary and strengthening comprehension.

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