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This is the free version - the "paid" version does not contain ads, has a few cosmetic changes and supports more devices (mainly large format).
Are you frustrated with not fully understanding topics in linear algebra class? Do you just want to understand what inverting a matrix does in 3D development? Pocket Linear Algebra Tutor (PLAT) may be just the app you are looking for!
PLAT is an app that accepts 3x3 demo matrices and walks you through five topics step-by-step, with detailed explanations along the way. If you are just wondering what the "layman's" definition is of that fancy-sounding term is (Frobenius Norm, anyone?), PLAT also includes a list of key linear algebra terms and definitions.
Current topics are:
-Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
-Linear Combination
-Lower-Upper Decomposition
-Matrix Inverse
-Gauss-Jordan Elimination to Reduced Row-Echelon Format

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