pH Meter



pH Meter is an ultimate tool for accurate estimation of pH values of acid – base aqueous solutions.


• Calculates pH values of solutions of weak and strong, monoprotic and polyprotic acids and bases.

• Allows simultaneous calculation of all dissociation stages of acid and base and water dissociation (Kw).

• Application plots titration curve and export it as an image or data file to the “pH Meter” directory on local sd drive.

• Application provides pH and titrant volume values at equivalent points.

• Application is able to estimate the titrant volume needed to achieve desired pH values (within titration range), that is particularly useful for buffer preparation.

• Accepts input of dissociation constant in both formats: as a pK (-log K) values and as a K values in a regular scientific notation (1.23e-4). Empty field of dissociation constant would imply that this particular dissociation step is "strong" or complete.

• Long press on final pH field opens window showing corresponding values of pOH, [H+] and [OH-] at the point of interest.

• Application helps in preparation of buffer solution, since the volume of strong electrolyte, that must to be added to a weak electrolyte solution, can be derived from the plateau region of the titration curve.

Keywords: Acid, Base, titration, buffer, pH, chemistry, solution, neutralization reaction.

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