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In these free Photoshop classes you'll get an introduction to Photoshop tools and learn using them in 10 easy steps.


✔Beginner Photoshop Users
✔Start up Retouchers

*What You Are Going To Get From This Course*

- Over 18 lectures and 3 hours of content!
- How to work with the best retouching Tools
- How to work with Layers & Masks
- How to work with adjustment Layers
- How to work with the Pen Tool
- How to work with dodge & burn Tools
- How to work with the selection Tools
- How to work with the Clone and Healing Tools
- How to work with the Brush tools
- How to work with the Quick selection Mask Tool


- Lifetime access to 18 lectures
- 3+ hours of high quality content
- A community of 10900+ people trying to learn the same thing!
- Watch courses on the go: video lectures, audio lectures, presentations, articles and anything inside your course.
- Watch courses in offline: Save courses for offline viewing so you can watch them while you're on a plane or subway!


"Easy with real example of all tools exciting and clearly"
- (Abanoub Wagih) ★★★★★

"Manny spells out the tools here in a clear and concise manner. The videos also don't drag on forever as he sticks to one point, making it easier to digest the information on the screen. This is a great course for beginners who are just learning how to use Photoshop."
- (Brian Chadra) ★★★★★

"Very helpful thank you very much "
- (George Kosit) ★★★★★

"This course will be very useful for beginners. Manni explains tools interesting. Proydte this course, you will be delighted. Manni thank you for the course!"
- (Alexandra Tkanova) ★★★★★

"It really got me started with Photoshop after so many years of thinking of learning Photoshop finally I can say I know a bit of Photoshop to get around."
- (Vivek Lakhanpal) ★★★★★

Instructed By:
Manni | Photographer - Retoucher
Manni is a Freelance Photographer & Retoucher, living and working in South Africa. When he is not out to shooting, he creates workshops & training lessons. His main focus is to bring more software knowledge to mainly photographers & Retouchers, help them improve in their whole workflow and postproduction life.

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