Physics Handbook



Physics Handbook is a unique app that covers almost all general topics of Physics. You can bookmark any topic you like while browsing, or you can search for any thing you're specifically looking for. The main topics covered in this app are:

General Physics:
-Measurement of Physical Quantities
-Speed, Velocity and Acceleration
-Scalars and vectors
-Mass, Weight and Density
-Turning Effect of Forces
-Work, Energy and Power

Thermal Physics:
-Measurement of Temperature
-Kinetic Theory of Matter
-Heat Capacity
-Melting and Boiling
-Transfer of Thermal Energy

Properties of Waves:
-General Wave properties
-Properties of Light Wave
-Properties of Sound Waves

Electricity and magnetism:
-Static Electricity
-DC circuits
-Electromagnetic effects
-Introductory electronics

Atomic Physics:
-Nuclear atom

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