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Pilot Uni PPL is a revolutionary new tool for pilots, pilot students and anyone who wants to learn how to fly a small plane. It will teach you the same skills that you learn in the Private Pilots License course and is compatible with both the US FAA system as well as the European JAR FCL standard. As a pilot and student pilot you will also find that you need to keep your skills current as memory fails over time. Pilot Uni PPL is an excellent way to refresh your memory before going back into the cockpit where you need the skills to stay safe.

Pilot Uni PPL is what is known in the professional aviation world as a CPT or Cockpit Procedure Trainer. Unlike most aviation software which are simply multimedia presentations or movies, Pilot Uni PPL interactively walks you through all essential scenarios needed to fly a small aircraft. As you start to learn the procedures the guidance can be turned down from audio and visual guidance to using checklists to no support at all. Using this system you can step by step strengthen the procedural memory before having to do so in a real plane where conditions can prove dangerous.


Basic Handling
- Air Experience
- External checks
- Internal checks
- Taxy and power checks

Aerodrome ops
- Take off to crosswind
- Downwind
- From base to landing
- After landing to shutdown

- Going around in bad weather
- Precautionary forced landing
- Forced landing after engine failure
- Stall and spiral dives

- Flight planning
- Flying the plan
- Diversions
- Basic instrument flying

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