Pistol Exhibition



For some social limitations, we have rare chance to see all kinds of pistols. Both government and parents take stringent measures to guns using. But it doesn't means we should leave guns as far as possible. It is necessary for us to understand guns. Just as we may not use chemistry skill in life, but we need to know them and when we don't understand the chemistry phenomenon, we can know the reason clearly! For guns, we need to know them and when we meet some problems about guns, we can understand and solve them easily! It is a necessary knowledge in people's life!
Pistol Exhibition is a knowledge and picture exhibition. just as library, this app can show you all information about the guns. Both specifications (weight, effective range, barrel length and many other aspects) and the develop history and even serve history can be shown in the "exhibition"! Almost all popular guns can be find here. In fact apart from the pistols, there are also many other guns in the free app. For example, there is assault rifles, flare launchers and machine guns in it too. And every gun type has more than ten models of this type! At last, there are about 80 gun models in it. I bet there must be some type can caused your interesting!

Let's see its FUNCTIONS in detail:
1. Nine guns types are shown here apart from the pistols.
Assault/battle rifles, flame throwers, flare/grenade launcher, machine guns and so on.
2.Tens of countries are shown you, you can press to search the typical guns of this countries.
Both the developed countries (America, french, England...) and developing countries (china, south Africa...) are take into list.
3.If you interested in time of guns, you can search according to their eras.
We classify them according to World War.
4.If you are interested in the power of guns, you can search information through effective range!
There are five standard offered here. Its range from 100 to 800 meters.
5.Guns Show offer you all large pictures of them.
You can see their appearance clearly. Slide the icon bar on bottom, you can search easily.
Press the icon picture, you can search its information!

1. Almost all popular guns are shown in this free application.
2. It is a Erudite app that can tell you all information.
3. It is 100% free for all of you!
4. You can search the guns according to different standard!
5. There are function buttons with new functions!

:) I bet it is the most advanced app that related to pistols and rifles! No matter the guns pictures and specification information are all shown here. When you need their information, you need not search them from internet and find the most detail one in a long list. With this free app, you will solve all problems! Both real life and gun games need these information. Why don't you download and have a try? Enjoy it now!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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