Play with Qiico (Baby App)



@ Language cards, animal cards, number cards (in Korean, English and Japanese Voice)
@ Black and white recognition cards for infants and toddlers
@ Baby rattle function
@ Quiz game

“Play with Qiico” provides many fun features for infants and toddlers.
Your baby can learn while playing with Qiico.
“Package of baby toys” is a lot more effective than any other educational cards or toys.
Kids will love to play with this app, but best of all, they will learn from it.
Parents! Now you can have your own time while your baby is playing with Qiico. :)

Main Features

•Language cards
Kids can learn Korean, English, and Japanese by touching and listening to audio sounds.

•Number cards
Babies can learn numbers from 1 to 100 in Korean, English, and Japanese with this app.

•Animal cards
Kids can learn animals by matching cute animal images with their names in Korean, English, and Japanese.

•Quiz game
The memory game and quiz game will help improve the brain of babies as they can review what they have learned through previous features.

•Black and white recognition cards for infants and toddlers
Babies can recognize things only in black and white until 3-months-old. This black and white recognition feature will help develop the sight of babies.

•Baby rattle function
A fun feature for your baby! You can use this app as a baby rattle by touching the screen or shaking the mobile phone.

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Voice by NS최은지, CY권병준
BGM by 병아리(copyright(c) 2011 All rights reserved by Lee,Jae-rhyang)

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