Plot Calculator( New Version)




    Plot equation for you on your Android!

    Math is full of energy and it is the main motive power for the development of our country and society. What do you think of math? Do you like math? Math is a large subject for us and very important for our development.
    Plot Calculator is a free and simple calculator for Android.

    Main features:
    1.Plot Calculator is a total free app, which can be touched by every Android users. If you are a student, you must welcome it, since it can mainly help you to solve the math problems, especially the equations.
    2.What is stetting for at the bottom of this free app? Setting here, you can see the text on the screen. It offers you a great chance to make you have a better experience. If you activate it, you can modify the app default screen time to one minute. Do not worry that it will not affect your screen time in your phone, the change only for your phone. However, If the screen time turns on for a long time, it may hurt your eyes. So protect your eyes and use the time properly.
    3.Click the menu on the main interface, you can add new equation. In our math, all kinds of equations has troubled us so much and we do not handle it easily. Many students want to escape from it, but have to face it. With this app, you can input your equations and then press plot by the menu and you can get the plot on the following screen. The plot will be very clear and with the plot, you can understand the equation easily.
    4.For the equation blank, it can record your inputting history automatically. So when you put the same or similar words or numbers, this plot calculator will give you some suggestions and there is no need for you to enter all of the letters. Besides , it can save your time and improve your study efficiency.
    5. CLick the blank which is for you to input the letters, enter what you want please. IF you long press the blank, you can have several choices, such as select word, select all, copy all and input method. What is more, if there is some words in the blank, you can also choose them and add what you have choose to dictionary.
    6.With this plot calculator, you can add more than one calculator and plot them at one time. Note that do not forget to choose the box before each equation if you want to plot.

    Plot calculator is coming to save you from the mire of equation. Give it your hand and let it pull your out. Move your finger and download here as soon as possible.
    With Plot calculator, your parents will never worry about your math again. Come on and try it..