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English vocabulary is the foundation of English learning and English progress. However, many learners do not have any good method or motivation to memorize English vocabulary because a few vocabulary memory methods are boring and dull. Hence, they lose English learning interest. Painting Memory Method (PMM) makes English vocabulary dynamically moveably appear on the screen to draw learners’ attention, makes learners repeatedly learn to enhance memory, and adds sound to stimulate learners’ sense and listening. In a word, PMM is a combination of sound, meaning, and form.

PMM—TOEFL (trial version) is try version of " Painting Memory Method—TOEFL " App software. " PMM—TOEFL (trial version) " supply only 300 vocabularies to let you understanding the main function of "Painting Memory Method—TOEFL". In formal version, the amount of vocabularies is 4500. Using "Painting Memory Method—TOEFL" app software you can quickly memory nearly 4500 TOEFL vocabularies.

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