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Do you wish to score a 100 in your Science exam?
Do you wish you could understand & enjoy Physics, Chemistry & Biology?
Do you believe Science is worthy of being your favourite subject?

Would you believe it, if we told you:

"You can master your Science chapters while playing games!"

Yes! You really can.

Pocket Science brings to you thorough coverage of your CBSE SA2 science chapters with questions that span almost every sentence of the NCERT Textbook.

Currently available only for Class X students, we aim to help you discover some amazing content to understand fundamental science concepts.
The discussion zone also allows you to share your doubts and share ideas and thoughts with your friends from around the world.

Anagrams requires you to unscramble every answer based on the question given. Beware! Once, you've gone through Anagrams, you'll realize you have started gaining some super-powers of understanding the chapter better than ever before!
Anagrams will cover every sentence of your Class X science chapters.

Crosswords bring to fore some special concepts with links to help you learn more.
Science is as much about exploring as studying! ;-)

Compete - with friends & competitors from all around the world!

The app contains thorough coverage of CBSE Class X SA2 Science chapters:
- Carbon and its Compounds
- Periodic Classification of Elements
- How do Organisms reproduce ~ Reproduction
- Heredity and Evolution
- Light: Reflection and Refraction
- Human Eye and the Colourful World
- Our Environment
- Management of Natural Resources

Download Pocket Science today - join the fun and Master your CBSE Class X SA2 chapters.


1. Will any of these questions come in the exams?
A. Not really. What we've tried to ensure is that you understand the chapter inside out. Once, you've mastered a chapter / topic making sure that you do exceptionally well in your SA2 exams shall be much easier.

2. I don't have an Android device, can I still use Pocket Science?
A. Well, you can't access all the fun of Pocket Science without an Android device, but we have something fun coming up at http://pocketscience.in.
Send us an email at pocketscience.in [at] gmail.com and we will share more details with you.

3. Are there any sample papers for Summative Assessment exam i.e. Class X SA2 Science exam?
A. Not right now. But we have some thorough Sample papers coming for you in December 2014.

4. Are there any other exams that we are helpful for?
A. Yes! Pocket Science is extremely useful for NTSE (National Talent Search Exam), NSO (National Science Olympiad), NSEJS (National Standard Exam in Junior Science), NSTSE (National Science Talent Search Exam) and many more! With a current focus on CBSE Class 10 SA2 Science content, you will still be able to access useful material in the discussion zone.

5. How does Pocket Science help me for NTSE?
A. Pocket Science is focused on Class X Science content for now, hence you'd have the maximum support for Science. For more on NTSE, you can get our NTSE app with an interactive sample paper & a daily question till the day of NTSE exam. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Class 10 students.

Have a question not listed above - Please download the app and leave the same in the Feedback section. ;-)

Finally, download the app now and get set to Master your CBSE SA2 Class X science chapters!

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