Politics and economics



■ can be saved to the SD card light And the file size!
■ simple configuration that pass in the correct toy more than a set of 10 questions 8 an interview!
■ can learn from the answers immediately come out even by mistake!
■ Sound feature with ON / OFF function post twitter!!

Frequent! Lite version of the term political and economic appearance (free)!
The problem is job-level university entrance exam level.
The problem is the number of frequent! Will be approximately 10% of the political and economic terms.
Also of interest as a check of common sense!

Corresponding case admissions in 2012 the term "political economy! Frequent"

■ Lots of apps to increase the knowledge quiz!
■ appeared one after another free app also kill quiz!

☆ ★ ☆ new information-list (Raptor Books) app here RAPTORBOOKS ☆ ★ ☆


■ RAPTORBOOKS popular app (Raptor Books)

★ "2011-2012 current affairs and general common sense"
Structured around the events of the year -2011! Can also be used as a test of general knowledge trivia quiz.

★ "2012-2013 current affairs and general common sense"
Structured around the events of the year -2012!

★ "basic knowledge of current affairs and general common sense"
- Knowledge organized around important political and economic history, world history after World War II and postwar Japan for current affairs and general common sense to solve the problem!

☆ easy to remember because Ichimon'itto format! Fun in a game!
☆ · test various tests - study analyzing the test - Employment Testing and Admissions Center (AO) and university entrance exams and high school entrance examination and recommendation junior high school entrance exam!
☆ There are also issues a small number of Lite version (free)!
■ this application takes advantage of the system server of learning and entertainment companies learn ing Co., Ltd. which operates Japan's largest test site "pretend ー cum."
※ In this application can be made at the end of startup problems and application data, including data communication problem.
※ data communication is done with the server of learn ing Corporation.
※ For terminal information is not acquired, as well as any personal information.
※ If you do not have an Internet connection, the app can not be used.
※ free version: your ad will appear in both the paid version (trial version limited number of questions).
Please acknowledge it beforehand.
■ information compatible models

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