Preschool Bingo



Price Reduce to $0.99 permanently. I want your kids to be able to enjoy this and learn like mine did. I wrote this for my daughter to help her learn her letters and it worked swimmingly. Enjoy and please let me know if your kids enjoy it.

Now optimized for both phones and tablets. Preschool Bingo is designed to teach kids learn their colors, letters, shapes, animals and numbers as well as teach them to read. The game is encouraging and will keep your kid engaged while they learn. The paid version unlocks all mode of play as well as a child lock function.
Game Modes:
Bingo – Standard mode, game asks for a particular item and your child finds it, get a row of items right for a bingo.
Memory – Match items together in a standard memory tile game
What Doesn’t Belong – Find the item that doesn’t belong amongst the tiles
Learn Mode – For the younger kids, touch a tile and it says what it is
Tile Types:
Lower case/Upper case Letters
Animals – Lovingly hand drawn animals your child is sure to love
Sight words - Preschool through third grade

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