Prime calculator



Calculator with intuitive handling and additional functions like:

- prime number testing,
- number conversion / number system conversion / number converter (decimal to binary, decimal to hex)
- GCD (greatest common divisor)
- LCM (least common multiplier)
- e and PI function
- History / Logbook function

Now with optimized Screen-Layout for High Resolution or HD Displays like Galaxy note or any Tablets.

Localised for English, German, Japanese and Spanish

The internet access is used for ads only. Ads support me to continue with the development.

Operator precedence and brackets are supported.

Primenumbers up to 1000000000 could be tested. If a number has a factor, the smallest one will be shown.

The M functions act more like a clipboard.

The calculator has been intensive tested. However, no warranty for the correctness of calculations. If you find any errors or have any ideas for improvements, please report them, thank you.

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