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Project Squirrel Citizen Science: Documenting the Nature in your Neighborhood

The Project Squirrel app is part of a long-term study that uses tree squirrels to help us understand the ecology of neighborhoods throughout the country. While some places may have three species of tree squirrel, other locations may have none at all and, over time, all this may change. This app is designed to make it quick and simple to regularly enter data about the nature in your neighborhood. It also allows you to send pictures and to see where other observations have been made near you. This is a nationwide study that everyone can be involved in.

What to do:
Take a look around your home, office, school, or anywhere you are and, whether you see squirrels or not, submit your observations. We want to know where squirrels are as well as where they aren’t. You can submit observations of dead squirrels, too. All of your observations are valuable.

How often:
You can submit as many observations from as many places as you like. It’s most effective to submit at least one observation per site per season but the more observations the better.

Anyone of any age can participate. Make it an office game or a classroom project, compare notes with friends in other states, get your family involved—everyone can observe nature.

How the app works:
Once you download the app, log in using Facebook, google +, or you can make up an anonymous username. By logging in, the app can remember your location and streamline data entry.

The home page has three buttons. Using the clipboard icon you can quickly submit your data by following the question prompts. If you want to, click on the camera icon to take a picture of the squirrel or habitat and submit it with your data. The “view maps” icon will let you explore places where other observations have been made and places where more observations need to be made.

More squirrels:
Visit our website for more information, lesson plans that help you learn more about squirrels and neighborhood ecology, outlines for experiments you can do at home or school, and more.

The app will ask for a few permission that make it function on your phone. We will never spam you.

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