Putonghua Basic Pronunciation

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    Putonghua Basic Pronunciation

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    Product: Putonghua Basic Pronunciation
    Producer: Jason (Graduated in U.S.A. with a Master Degree, M.Sc.)

    “The Vocal Learning of the Basic Pronunciation of Putonghua” has the following features and functions:

    - Many people who are learning Mandarin, or people who already have certain level of learning Mandarin, always cannot speak Mandarin fluently, and cannot pronounce accurately. The biggest reason for this is that their basic Mandarin pronunciations are not too accurate. The Vocal Mandarin Learning Machine has 70 basic Mandarin pronunciations, and these 70 basic sounds are the essential ones you have to know and be skilled with, and they will help you strengthen your basic Mandarin pronunciation, so that to enhance your basis of pronunciation, then you will get twice the result with half the effort, and will feel everything is under your control when you learn Mandarin.

    - Suitable for students and any persons of different ages who learn Mandarin Chinese.

    - Suitable for any person who want to apply for taking part in the public examinations of Mandarin Chinese ability, and will help you obtain excellent achievements.

    - Suitable for people who want to strengthen their ability of Mandarin Chinese conversation and word pronunciation.

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