Quadratic Calculator



Tap into Science using The Quadratic Calculator with Study Aids.

The Quadratic Calculator together with a comprehensive package of instructional study aids is an invaluable educational resource for students and teachers alike in mathematics, science, engineering and finance.

The Quadratic Calculator is easy to use and provides solutions to quadratic functions and related quadratic equations, as well as the solutions needed to graph the quadratic function.

Solutions include:

Real and imaginary roots
Sum and product of the roots
Maximum or minimum value of the quadratic function
Domain and range of the quadratic function
Related vertex form of the quadratic function
Related standard form for the equation of a parabola.

Solutions to key features of a parabola includes:

Coordinates of the vertex
Coordinates of the focus
Coordinates of the y-intercept
Equation of the axis of symmetry
Equation of the directrix
Coordinates of the end points of the latus rectum
Length of the latus rectum.

The complementary study aids are presented in a compact e-reference book that includes sections on fundamental concepts, formulas, problem-solving methods, tips for sketching a quadratic function, together with numerous worked step-by-step example and applied problem sets. There is even a summary quiz with answers that tests your knowledge and understanding of the quadratic function and equation.

Ideal for the classroom or independent study.

Have fun finding your roots and more with this innovative app.

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