Quickgrade is a quick, easy-to-use grade calculator made especially for teachers. Easier than an EZ grader, now it can go with you wherever you need to grade!

Grading tests is hard enough. Tallying up the scores is just plain drudgery, so let Quickgrade handle it! A how-to guide in three steps:

1. Enter the total number of questions on your quiz or test.
2. Every time you find a wrong answer, hit the +1 Wrong button.
3. Copy down the grade from Quickgrade with your favorite red pen. Hit Grade Next and repeat!
(3a. Optional. Apply star stickers liberally, write words of encouragement where applicable.)

We can't make grading tests fun. But we can make it quicker.

"This has been the best tool for grading I've used. So easy, takes any guesswork out of it. Bye-bye EZgrader!" — 5th grade teacher from NYC

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