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Quimidroid is the first application on the Android device's market which allows to formulate and name binary and ternary inorganic compounds. Its primary objective is to facilitate the learning of chemistry and become a pedagogical tool either individually or in school as a tool for self-correction. It also aims to expedite and streamline the development for professionals in the various fields that require such as medicine, health or even amateur people interested in chemistry. It should be added that the application is fully in english.

- Inorganic compounds formulation.
- Binary: Hydrides, Oxides, peroxides and Binary salts.
- Ternary: Hydroxides and Oxoacids.
- Naming inorganic compounds.
- Uses Stock and Systematic nomenclature recommended by IUPAC.
- Molecular masses calculation.
- Clear and intuitive graphical interface.
- Periodic updates.
- Installation to the SD card.

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