1. Applications Overview
- Quiz Boxes utilize voice recognition technology, common sense Quiz Application.
Touch, as well as the voice of Application functions can be controlled.

2. How to use speech recognition
Command, and then the voice recognition button on the left side of the bottom of the screen says.
- Shake after smartphone horizontally commands says.

3. Problem type use way
3.1 OX problems
- The touch of Whitley's right to the left side, if the problem Sliding to the right, if you will.
Voice way: O, X, circle, right, wrong, no, no, etc. ..

3.2 multiple-choice questions
-Touch approach to the problem will fit if you touch
-Way voice: once, twice, three times, four times

3.3 puzzle problem
View in mixed way: touch the problem of the combination of pull fit simyeon answer.

4. Developer
Kim MinJoo(Hongik University) minjookim90@naver.com
Yeom SeungYeop (Dongguk University) ysy870506@nate.com
Im WonHyeok (Kookmin University) foreverwh17@naver.com

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