Rainbow Coloring book for kids



※ Description:
Children liked to play on the smartphone, doing painting.
Draw a picture in many different colors with crayons.
Play to draw on it, touch the desired color, the color coated painted colorful painted play a variety of sketches and App.
Animals, fruits, insects, food, rides, etc. stuff is packed with pictures of the kids might like.
Apps that use a lot of hand and help in the brain development of growing children, natural color on cognitive abilities will be improved.
Also helped put corresponding figure for Korean / English words, so that the natural learning.
Free its companion, "Who are you going to?" Baby picture quiz 2 to 5 years of age can be a shortcut to the application.

※ Features and functions
- Built-in default 24 drawing. 256 color selection.
- Anti-secession touch fans in addition to the painted area. Enjoy coloring play comfortably.
Drawing thickness control function, style drawing functions (milky color, translucent color, vivid color, bi-colored)
- Eraser.
Save Picture

Well to study the brain child of course.
Colorful painted play parent and child laughing together, where you can enjoy informative App.

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