**Relive Rapunzel´s story with this enjoyable version of the children´s literature classic!!**

Yet another of the all-time favorite stories for little ones is now available in PlayTales. Rapunzel and her long hair have arrived at the popular interactive story bookstore. The young princess, kidnapped at a young age by a dreadful witch and locked in an isolated tower, receives an unexpected visit from a prince…But when the witch finds out about the main character and her lover´s repeated encounters, things go terribly wrong….

How will the story end? Will the main characters ever meet again? Will there be a happy ending? Find out yourself with this essential classic adapted for the PlayTales interactive story gallery.

What´s more, in these fifteen pages you´ll discover a multitude of interactive effects and sound effects. Lovely drawings in full color, suited for the smallest children at home. For children ages 6 and up.

Additional characteristics
• Guaranteed interactive surprises!!
• 15 pages of color graphics
• Narration of the text
• Enchanting sound effects!
• Original music compositions.
• Option of ´Read myself´, ´Read it to me´ and ‘Autoplay’.
• For readers 6 years and up