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    I was meaning to give you a detailed review about this wonderful game! Although it is after a few hot-fixes and patches, I will give you a step-by-step analysis about the main improvements and drawbacks I incurred while playing this game.

    Where to start? Well the benefits of course! The main additions which I found to be enlightening are the new main game starting modes. First of which is the 'Football Manager Classic' which is designed for players who do not have a lot of time under their sleeves and removes key features of the game and enables the player to get an instant result if they wish to do so. It contains unlockables which is a challenge in itself and I applaud SI for the great idea! The second option is the 'Challenges' where a player can undertake a challenge like save a team from relegation with a depleted squad or win the championship with 10-15 games to go and 10 points off the leader. These options give a refreshed image of football manager and I really appreciate where SI want to go with this. Although players might struggle at first to get a grasp of all the options and features of the game; it is one of my favorites of the series!

    But like with everything we need to cover the negatives! Personally, although the match engine has been improved there have been shocking displays of defensive and goalkeeper errors leading to high-scoring games and recently the patch has allowed more shots to occur and this has led to "cricket" scores with big teams scoring a huge amount of goals throughout the season but also conceding a huge bunch too. Having said this, the right tactic could lead you to score many more goals than the AI but also find it very hard to get a clean sheets in the process. Another aspect which disappointed me was in regards to the training, SI removed the ability for the user to create personal training schedules and simplified the whole process which is a nice idea however I would have wanted an option to be created where the user can choose whether or not to implement the new system. SI want to make this game as realistic as they can thus want the user to use shouts implemented in the game and I have found it to be much more fun and exciting in the process because the feeling of being the "manager" is ever so present so well done SI! Finally, as far as my recommendation is concerned I would definitely recommend fm13, even though some of the bugs might be frustrating, SI is definitely in the right direction and I am sure that 2 more patches will be released in the near future making the gaming experience more rewarding.