Readerville - The Beach

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    THE READERVILLE BEACH APP will take your child on a seaside reading adventure.
    GAME 1: The “Tap and Tell” beach game will feature 3 new letter sounds and 4 new sight words.

    GAME 2: READ A WORD - Treasure Island - This game will help your child create and spell phonetic words. When the game begins, the pirate parrot will instruct your child to tap the picture word above the giant clam. The clam will toss out the letter coins needed to spell the word. Your child will be challenged to drag the coins to the spots on the treasure chest to spell the word. When the coins are placed in the correct order, the treasure chest opens to reveal the word card and a treasure. Once your child knows the words well, he or she will be ready to read the comics in GAME 3.

    GAME 3: READ THE COMICS. In this game the sight words and phonetic words from the previous games are used in sentences that create a comic strip your child can read.

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