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Reading Thai teaches you Thai letter recognition using pictures and sounds. A suite of memory games will test you and teach you at the same time.

Reading Thai remembers which letters you get wrong and focuses on them until you get them right. Practice 10-20 minutes a day and you’ll rapidly learn the Thai Alphabet.

After you click the ‘start’ button, Reading Thai starts in game mode, Level 1. Level 1 is about letter-picture association. If you’re unsure of the letter sound, you can click it to hear it. Then, you must click the correct picture of a choice of three. As you improve, it will help your memory to say the letter sound out loud before you choose the picture.

Reading Thai is not an arcade game! You will not jump to the next level when you get all the letters correct. This is because you may want to continue playing the current level to help reinforce/fix the letters in memory. If you want to change difficulty level, click one of the level buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Level 2, is about picture-letter association. You must click the correct letter that goes with the picture from a choice of three letters. If you’re unsure of the sound of the letter you are looking for, you can click the picture it to hear it. As you improve, it will help your memory to say the letter sound out loud before you choose the letter.

Level 3, is about sound-letter association. You will hear the letter sound and then have to click the correct letter of a choice of three. To hear the sound again, click the speaker icon. Try repeating the letter sound out loud when you hear it to aid your verbal memory.

Reading Thai starts game play in Thai alphabetical order. When you have gone through all the Thai consonants, 44 letters, they will be randomized.

If you click on the ‘practice’ link, there is a practice area where you can see each letter of the Thai Alphabet with its associated picture and hear the sound. The practice area resets your score.

Reading Thai does not use transliteration (English letters to describe the sound, e.g. ‘kor-gai’), like some other apps. Transliteration only adds an extra layer of confusion to your memory and, cannot describe all sounds in Thai accurately. This means that your pronunciation will be poorer than if you just buckle-down and learn the correct sounds and letters. Please consider this when you choose your study materials. Some Thai students do this (in Thai) when learning English; they end up trying to order ‘Fish and Ship’ instead of ‘Fish and Chips’. We believe that transliteration does as much harm as it does good.

At the moment, Reading Thai teaches Thai consonants, but here’s what’s coming soon…
* Reading Thai - vowels games
* Reading Thai - pitch/expression symbols games

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