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Resources for Commercial and Residential Real Estate Owners, Buyers, Sellers and Related Professionals is an ever growing resource center for residential and commercial property owners. Articles are written by Carl Brahe, commercial and residential real estate inspector.

Information is presented from my professional perspective. My job is to identify defects in a property and document them in a way that is easy to understand. I look for the things that can endanger the lives of you and your family, endanger the property and those things that cost you to repair, update or replace (deferred maintenance). These are some of the things I include.

Health and Safety Issues:
• Meth residue in your home, business or vehicle from smoking or manufacture
• Mold
• Indoor air quality
• Radon
• Bed bugs
• Carbon monoxide
• Insects, rodents and reptiles in your home
• Water
• Marijuana grow rooms
• 3rd hand tobacco smoke
• Asbestos
• Moisture threatens health of people and buildings
• Environmental report for your home and neighborhod
• More

Building Defects:
• Things first time home buyers should know
• Using infrared imagery to identify defects
• Common new home defects
• Plumbing and electrical defects and dangers
• More

• Keep your home and business dry and healthy
• Drainage problems destroy buildings
• Wood rot
• Trees may be liability
• Winterize your vacation home
• Septic systems
• More

Repair, remodel, renovate:
• How much does it cost
• How long does it last
• How does it work
• Prepare for sale
• Fix and flip
• Upgrade bathrooms with new faucets
• Mud jacking
• Foundation cracks
• More

Green resources:
• Energy – make your own, use it yourself or sell it to your neighbor or power company
• Checklist for commercial buildings
• Residential resources
• Windows that heat your home
• Rubber sidewalks
• Wood burning appliances
• More

DIY inspection guide to:
o Identify sources of health issues
o Identify deferred maintenance
o Prepare your property for sale
o Educate yourself get the most from professional inspections

Other related subjects are presented. The database grows continually. If you would like a subject included, please contact me:

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