This application is for the Reasoning from the Scriptures for Jehovah's witnesses. Use of this hand-application should help you to cultivate the ability to reason from the Scriptures and to use them effectively in helping others to learn about "the magnificent things of God." - Acts 2:11.

"Youths — If you have the power of God's word, You are a fine minister."

"Many young brothers and sisters in the world using this application. Our hope is that you can use it in your field service and can explain accurate knowledge of truth to people. And if you have spare time.. You can read this book regularly in the school, at the work place, on the street and in the bus and subway. Finally you will read this book to end of last page. Then it can help your memory with God's holy spirit. Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!"

*** Note for installation : When you install it you need the Wi-Fi Internet connection in your house or coffee shop not 3G/4G. Some telecommunication company's 4G is not working well for downloading data files. You can remind this information.

This application made by anointed ones. We have a grant. (Re 7:3; Matthew 3:17; Psalm 105:15; Matthew 24:14.)

✔ Currently supported languages are 49 Language :
English - English
Afrikaans - Afrikaans
Albanian - Shqip
Amharic - Amharic
Cebuano - Cebuano
Chichewa - Chichewa
Chinese Simplified - 汉语(简化字)
Chinese Traditional - 漢語(繁體字)
Cibemba - Cibemba
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French - Français
Georgian - ქართული
German - Deutsch
Greek - Ελληνική
Hiri Motu - Hiri Motu
Hungarian - Magyar
Iloko - Iloko
Indonesian - Indonesia
Italian - Italiano
Japanese - 日本語
Korean - 한국어
Lingala - Lingala
Malagasy - Malagasy
Norwegian - Norsk
Polish - Polski
Portuguese - Português
Romanian - Română
Russian - Русский
Serbian - Српски
Sesotho - Sesotho
Shona - Shona
Slovak - Slovenčina
Slovenian - Slovenščina
Spanish - Español
Swahili - Swahili
Swedish - Svenska
Tagalog - Tagalog
Tamil - Tamil
Tok Pisin - Tok Pisin
Tsonga - Tsonga
Tswana - Tswana
Turkish - Türkçe
Ukrainian - Українська
Zulu - Zulu

All the material is directly downloading from and it will be parsed it.

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Where does this money go? Half of all proceeds this year go towards helping support women's rights and children's rights and it will be used for purchasing and maintaining strong servers. To start, donations will go to supporting domestic violence shelters. With your kind help, we can assist in putting a stop to abuse against women and children and generate awareness in our communities. The other half of the donation will go to putting bread and rice on my table and to help provide continuing support for spiritual applications. Jehovah, God will bless your loving-kindness and warmhearted.

If you update your application recently.. but it have an error. Please delete your application. And download it again and install it. Then it will be resolved any issues. Thank you.

"This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations. And then the end will come." - Matthew 24:14. -

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