Robot Platform Control (BETA)





This is the first version, still BETA, of this simple app. Further information on how to use it here!:

This app serves as a remote control of a wheeled robot. It allows to send movement orders to your robot if it is correctly configured. This app sends a text string containing movement orders, via Bluetooth, to a paired device. You can give 4 orders: On/off, Speed magnitude, direction and turn. It is specialy created to control holonomic platforms. Like this one:

Obviously, you must create the receiver application + decode & process the transmitted data in the proper way.

To make the system work, you must pair the 2 bluetooth devices, set an SPP connection between them, execute this app in the android device and execute your own receiver application in the other end. It sounds difficult but it is not! In my blog, I provide an example of an Arduino sketch able to do this.


By installing this application, you declare to have read, understood and accept the following disclaimer:

This application is still on work. Although it has been tested in the current delivery state, this application is still not finished. Therefore, it is possible that errors appear when using this app. You are aware of it, accept it and assume the risk of using it as it is.

In all cases, but especially if you use this application for commercial or industrial use, you accept to do it at your own risk, totally releasing the application's writer from any responsibility or liability, directly or indirectly related to the use of this application.

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