RocketBot Robot Controller



Finally, a Android-based hobbyist robot controller that works with every microprocessor. There is no corresponding software required on the robot, you can write your own code to your heart's content.

A clean, simple app that features:

Joystick control via pushbutton and tilt
Auxiliary buttons
Voice Recognition and "voice commands"
Text to speech
Data can be sent to and from the robot for debugging

All that is needed is a cheap bluetooth unit (a BlueSmirf unit from SparkFun was used for testing) and any flavor of microcontroller. Arduino, Picaxe, Propeller, BS2, AVR --anything that can receive serial data can use this app. If you can send text to a LCD or a terminal, you can use this app. Baud rate from 9600 to 115,200 are supported and auto-detected.

This App is intended to be used on phones only. There has been some success using this App on tablets but we can not guarantee full function of the App when used on a tablet.

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