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Rockets & Spacecrafts Bible is an application containing detailed information of 250+ rockets, spacecrafts, and space probes mankind had ever built. It is an excellent educational reference for people who are interested in space as well as those who are interested to become an astronaut or astronomer. For most spacecrafts included in this app, the following information is included:

- High Quality Image
- Name and type of the spacecraft
- Operating Organization
- Mission Type
- Launch Dates
- Launch Sites
- Mission Duration
- Mass & Dimension
- Inclination
- Apoapsis
- Periapsis
- Orbital Period
- Orbital Elements
- Detailed History

The application is optimized for Android 1.6+ devices.



This application has the following features:

- An interface with THUMBNAIL preview of each item
- The ability to bookmark selected spacecrafts for easier reference
- Cross-referencing links to other spacecrafts
- A spacecrafts search engine
- Offline browsing

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