Rockies Mobile



    You're on the go and rely on your Android device to help keep you up to speed. Now you can read and respond to discussions, receive announcements and alerts, read University news, contact your advisors, and much more with this helpful app from University of the Rockies. Download it now!

    The Rockies Mobile app is free to any University of the Rockies (UoR) student or faculty enrolled in an online degree program. You'll love all of the things you'll be able to do now from your Android device.


    - Connect to your courses in the online learning environment
    - Read discussion board threads and reply to your classmates’ posts
    - View your weekly and final grades and Instructor Feedback
    - View and add a photo to your Rockies digital Student ID
    - Find contact info for key university support staff (Admissions, Student, and Financial Services)
    - View past grades and details for future courses
    - Receive up-to-the-minute news and events
    - Easily identify posts made by you and your instructor(s)

    If you are not enrolled as a student at UoR, please visit to learn more about online graduate degree programs.

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